CH Audio Listings

Elementary Level(6 titles)
CH 1.001Introduction to Chinese pronunciation----Audiotape-Open ReelChinese01:00:00
CH 1.007Introduction to Chinese pronunciation----Audiotape-CassetteChinese--:--:--
CH 1.015Practical Chinese reader books 1 & 2 ----Audiotape-CassetteChinese09:59:12
CH 1.016Integrated chinese, level 11997Audiotape-CassetteChinese-Mandarin05:37:45
CH 1.017New practical Chinese reader, volume 12002Audiotape-CassetteChinese03:40:37
CH 1.018Reading texts to accompany New Practical Chinese Readers 1-52010Digitized Sound-otherChinese--:--:--
Temporary Audio(5 titles)
CH 2.005Conversation - LC 213 Zhu Hong------:--:--
CH 2.006Zhu Hong Bk 1 l. 21-30 (LC 213)------:--:--
CH 2.007Prac Ch Rdr Bk 3 Supp - LC 311 Chang '002000--:--:--
CH 2.008Prac Ch Rdr Bk 4 Supp. - LC 312 Chang Sp '01------:--:--
CH 2.009Chinese situational dialogues - Zhu Hong, F '012001--:--:--
Intermediate Level(6 titles)
CH 3.005three puppies, The----Audiotape-Open ReelChinese00:55:00
CH 3.007Practical Chinese reader, books iii and iv----Audiotape-CassetteChinese--:--:--
CH 3.008Integrated Chinese, level 21997Audiotape-CassetteChinese--:--:--
CH 3.009New practical Chinese reader book 2 - textbook2004Audiotape-CassetteChinese00:57:50
CH 3.010New practical Chinese reader vol. 2 (workbook)2004Audiotape-CassetteChinese01:27:11
CH 3.011LC311 supplement (Fall 2005)2005Digitized Sound-otherChinese--:--:--
Advanced Level(6 titles)
CH 4.006Annotated Chinese proverbs----Audiotape-CassetteChinese00:52:00
CH 4.007New practical Chinese reader 3 - textbook2004Digitized Sound-otherChinese--:--:--
CH 4.008New practical Chinese reader 3 - workbook2004Digitized Sound-otherChinese--:--:--
CH 4.009New practical Chinese reader 4 - textbook2004Digitized Sound-otherChinese--:--:--
CH 4.010New practical Chinese reader 4 - workbook2004Digitized Sound-otherChinese--:--:--
CH 4.011New practical Chinese reader, book 5, textbook audio----Digitized Sound-otherChinese--:--:--
Phonetics, Linguistics, Structure(1 titles)
CH 5.001Speech sounds of the Beijing dialect----Audiotape-CassetteChinese00:27:00
Music(3 titles)
CH 7.001Spring dawn1979Audiotape-Open ReelMusic00:35:00
CH 7.002wailing of the river, The----Audiotape-Open ReelMusic00:35:00
CH 7.003morning sun, The----Audiotape-Open ReelMusic00:35:00