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Call Number: EN 7.229
Full Title: Jimmie Rodgers: Train whistle blues
User Format: CD
Copyright Date: 1986
Program length: N/A
Summary: The defining figure, along with the Carter Family, of country's first recorded go-round.
Language: English
Contents: Ben Dewberry's Final Run
Blue Yodel No. 4 (California Blues)
Blue Yodel No. 7 (Anniversary Blue Yodel)
Hobo Bill's Last Ride
Jimmie the Kid
Jimmie's Mean Mamma Blues
Let me be your Side Track
Memphis Yodel
My Rough and Rowdy Ways
The Brakeman's Blues (Yodelling the Blues Away)
The Hobo's Meditation
The Mystery of No. 5
The Southern Cannonball
Train Whistle Blues
Travellin' Blues
Waiting for a Train
Authors: Rodgers, Jimmie
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