Item Information for RU 8.157

Call Number: RU 8.157
Sort Title: Children of Arbat
Full Title: Children of Arbat
User Format: DVD
Copyright Date: 2000
Program length: 06:20:00
Summary: "Romeo and Juliet"-type 16-episode saga set between 1934-1943 under Stalin's rule. Much of the action takes place in Moscow, Siberia, and Kremlin. Varya and Sasha are neighbors, living in the same building in Moscow. They fall in love with each other, but soon are seperated. Sasha is sentenced for being anti-Soviet and exiled to Siberia. Sasha comes back a different man. Varya and Sasha still love each other but can their love survive? The series ends in the midst of WW2 and shows us a tragic period and tragic fates of many soviet people.
Language: Russian