Item Information for RU 8.223

Call Number: RU 8.223
Sort Title: My love
Full Title: My love
Alternate Title: Moya lyubov
Alternate Sort Title: Moya lyubov
User Format: DVD
Copyright Date: 2006
Program length: 00:27:00
Summary: The plot is based on "A Love Story," a 1927 novel by Ivan Shmelyov, and concerns a 16-year-old boy, Antosha, who is searching for his first true love. As he falls in and out of his romantic fantasies, Antosha must decide between two young woman who have captured his fancy a pretty, innocent but uneducated parlourmaid named Pasha, and an experienced upper-class lady named Serafima. He is equally smitten with both lovers, but his inability to choose between them will prove tragic. Pasha is genuinely affectionate towards Antosha, but class restrictions prevent them from coming together without a certain hesitation; on the other hand, Antosha worships Serafima as a "goddess," considering her representative of his lover ideal. When experience reveals a fatal blemish in his idealistic illusions, the young boy rejects the older woman, but not before his indecision has cost him the girl that he truly loved.
Language: Russian
Subtitled in: Russian, English
Directors: Petrov, Alexander