Item Information for RU 8.227

Call Number: RU 8.227
Sort Title: Ugly Swans, The
Full Title: The Ugly Swans
Alternate Title: Gadkiye Lebedi
Alternate Sort Title: Gadkiye Lebedi
User Format: DVD
Copyright Date: 2006
Program length: 01:45:00
Summary: Victor Banev, a US-based Russian writer, goes in search of his daughter in Tashlinsk, an isolated ghost town subject to extreme climate change. Passing through a flaming forest in Poland, Victor arrives at the house of Dr Pilman after seeing his house in a dream. On arrival in Tashlinsk, he passes via passport control and a retinal scan to the flooded city, and a world of scientific, political and military indecision. He traces his daughter to a boarding school for gifted children run by mysterious mutants known as "mokretsy." As the conflict between the government and the outcasts becomes more intense, Victor decides he must find a way to save his daughter and enlists the help of the enigmatic Diana.
Language: Russian
Directors: Lopushansky, Konstantin